Deconstuction Time!!

 I generally don't post pictures of anything but craft stuff that I've made, but this is just insane!! 

We had to remodel our bathroom and repaint the bedroom, then strip, sand, stain and polyurethane the floors of both rooms (no sense in doing just the bathroom).

This is what my house looks like and will until probably next weekend when we finish the floors.  I just had to post these pics so everyone out there in the craft world knows how hard I have to work to find anything to do some scrapping.

(living room-and yes, that is my bed)

                                                                        (dining room


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Nikki said...

LOL Renee I feel your pain Reno's are great to do but when you live with the mess it will drive you insane and forget about dusting your house OMG not worth!!! Your house isn't that bad at all it's just looks a little cluttered :P
Hopefully you show some finished ones now :)
hugs Nikki