FTTC #85

 Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge (FTTC85)!Posted by: Betty Wright

September 20th, 2010

This week Dee Jackson is the challenge host. Dee is challenging us to create Celebration cards!

This came out as perfect timing, since one of the guys my husband works with at the PO is retiring.  Actually, he has brain cancer and hasn't worked for awhile, but his "official" party is tomorrow.
I decided I wanted to make something different than a regular card, so I made a tri-fold card. 
 The font is called "Griffen".  On the middle page, I knew I wanted to use this image, but it was just to figure out how to incorporate it.  It was a free digi.  I do apologize to the owner, as I didn't mark down where I downloaded it from.  On the last part-well, what can you say?  It just went with the rest of the card.  I got the image from Bug-a-boo Digi's.  I love Jodie's characters.
I can't take credit for the witt, though.  The expression came from Retirement Sayings and Quotes.

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tampatha said...

okay...the sentiment rocks! great job on the card! I love it!