My daughter's 1st-4th birthday mini book

You ever wonder what to do with those mini books from daisyd's?  They are 5x5 inches.  I bought a couple because they were cheap, but I could never find anything on how to make them or what they should be used for.  Then I started to work on my daughter's baby book and had all these pics from her b-days and it finally hit me-- the mini books.  If anyone has pics of what you did with yours, let me know and I can post them or add a link for other people to see.

This is the inside when you open it up.  It's her 1st birthday.

This is the opposite side of the one above.  It's a half pocket and holds the 3 tab pages.  I used typewriter letter stickers to mark the birthday years.

Here is her 2nd birthday.  It was at McDonalds and they had a blast.

This page is the back of the 2nd b-day.  I used lots of stickers, rub ons, and other little goodies to decorate the pages.

She's turning 3 already!!  The ribbon and buttons are from Crate Paper's "Blue Hill" collection.   The next picture is the back side of her 3rd birthday.

The final one is her 4th.  It's the front and back of the tab plus the whole backside of the mini book opened up.  I glued a button on the back side and added yarn to keep it closed up.

I hope this has helped give you ideas on what to do with these.  I looked all over the net and could not find one tutorial.  If someone knows where to find them, let me know.  Sometimes, all we need is a small idea to get the ball rolling....

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