Altered cardboard frame

Here's my daughter and two nieces in California in March of 2009.  I made the frame out of cardboard.   The paper, ribbon and button are all scraps and the letters are from Cosmo Cricut.  I glued magnets to the back to hang on the fride.
 First-trace the picture on a piece of cb, next determine how wide you want the frame part to be (I used the width of a ruler to make sure it was even all the way around). Then cut the inside of the cb out (go about 1/4" inside of the picture size).  Attach the cb to your paper with tacky glue, leaving about 1" on both inside & outside of frame (more if you frame is larger).  Cut the corners diagonally, fold over and glue all the paper to the front of the cb.  For the back, cut a piece of cb a bit smaller than the front and attach on all sides but the top.  I used close pins to keep everything together until it was dry.  If you want ot protect the picture, cut a piece of thin plastic and slide in on top of your picture.

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